Denise Lingerfelt
I don’t think it’s possible to find a better realtor. We selected a difficult house, and Mike handled the negotiations expertly. Without Mike, I don’t believe our purchase would have happened. What is most amazing about Mike is his calm, easy going, not a used car salesman, demeanor, bundled with very keen negotiation skills. He’s… Read More ›
Robert Towne
We met Mike through Zillow. He came up as a Zillow-referred realtor when we were randomly looking through specific vacation properties for fun. As we honed in on what we were really looking for, Mike proved to be an excellent realtor for us. He was always prompt, responsive, knowledgeable and well-connected. Mike is an excellent… Read More ›
K Robinson
Mike helped us find the perfect property for our multi-family situation. Mike went the extra mile to help close the deal on this house for us. He kept negotiations open with the other agent even after we thought we were out of it and it came through. Mike was more than helpful with the sale… Read More ›